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AlterHEN invites you to experience the new exhibition of the collective of artists, showcasing a range of styles and topics from digital art to painting, video, and beyond. Embracing blockchain technology, they are revolutionizing how art is displayed and purchased.

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Somaticbits, 2021

Exhibition I, presented by alterHEN, is a celebration of the diversity of artists in the NFT space. Featuring works from contemporary digital art and video to painting, illustration, and new media, this show presents a unique opportunity to explore the creative possibilities of blockchain technology and its potential for redefining the sale, presentation, and experience of art. Join us in this journey of discovery and exploration, and immerse yourself in the creative minds of these pioneering digital artists. The exhibition includes, among others, pioneering digital artist Laurent La Torpille, visual artist and researcher Eli Joteva, generative artists Iskra Velitchkova and SOMATICBITS, digital artist Luluxxx, renowned video artist Kelly Richardson, found footage animator Anna Malina Zemlianski, illustrator and designer Patrick Jamora, painter Bjorn Calleja and new-media artist Patrick Tresset.