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Beyond the boundaries of time

World after the war. We will forever remember the world of nowadays in two parts: before and after. Terrible events draw their boundaries on the map of time. Our time is becoming a territory in which different opinions, conspiracy theories, propaganda, and the feelings of ordinary people are fighting on different sides. I have always dreamed of stopping time through photography. Now I dream of returning humanity to a territory where there have been no terrible events yet. Beyond the boundaries of time. Film photography from personal archive post-war Abkhazia in 2007, boundaries 2022. Original pieces by Katya Kanke

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Empty Gaze

In search of a void between the hustle and bustle. I’m searching for islands of clear moments, staring nowhere. I find myself just being here again through the void.

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At the beginning of any relationship with someone else, long-term or short-term, we trap our reflections and copy that someone else as best we can, borrowing their attractive traits of behavior, appearance, and obtaining ourselves out of those traits. We do this to the point where we begin to reject and define ourselves as another being, and separate traits under the natural pressure of time. The references for this project were the song "I'll be your mirror" by The Velvet Underground, and the movie "Persona" (1966, directed by Ingmar Bergman). Both of these works became something I wanted to associate my art with until I began to reject and distance myself from these aesthetic qualities, not by choice, but by the coincidence of the time and circumstances.

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