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Fundamental Mechanics

‘Fundamental Mechanics’ relates to the motions of mechanical looms. This 72-part series of miniature animations was made while I was researching 16th-century European visual culture for the production of three monumental Gobelin tapestries, woven at the renowned Textile Museum of Tilburg (The Netherlands). While designing the tapestries, I started exploring animation techniques using consumer technology. With the Instagram Stories feature on my old iPhone, I constructed rebus-like 'emblema', inspired by 16th-century alchemic emblem books. These ultra-short works combine emoji and .gif stickers pulled from the Giphy platform, including my own, now defunct, Giphy artist account, which accumulated over 195 million views in just 9 months. 'Fundamental Mechanics' is a suggestive and effective series exploring non-linearity, non-spaces, portals, choices, and cognition, weaving a bridge across 500 years of art history.

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The Plot

Photogrammetric models of remnants on a clear-cut - a former forest that fell victim to climate change - are the departure points for a string of works relating to ecological grief. There’s a devastating poetry connected to these type of photography-based digital models: they resemble isolated ruins, simultaneously brand new and in decay. They’re neither here nor there, these ghosts that only echo their physical origins in a digital void.

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