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Two Second Meditations

By observing a play on scale, my work encourages looking, and then looking slowly and deeply, allowing enough breathing space for meaning to materialize. The subjects I use in my paintings, range from the familiar pictures of flowers, landscapes and portraits, to referenced historical images, photos of sports events, to portrayals of imagined, surreal individuals and scenarios, these images are purged of their original meaning and is reframed as a landscape where tiny beings would be painted over and exist. These minute cartoonish characters in humanoid forms are the central unifying theme that collates my recent body of works, populating my paintings, sculptures, installations, and animations. These beings are depicted in diverse range of human activities and eccentric identities that personifies both mindless and intelligent fragments of ideas connecting visible and invisible relationships between man and environment, symbols and meaning, space and time, identity and the cultural landscape. My work is my reflection and response to the world, it examines how we humans, through all our advancements and destructions caused, are responsible in shaping the bigger image which is this plane we inhabit.

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