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Translating William Blake

Reimagining of William Blake’s ‘Illustrations of the Book of Job’. Ongoing series of 21 artworks to mirror Blake’s original publication, imbuing the strange content of Blake's life, ego and beliefs, and the poetry of the illustrations, into a modern, visual translation, exploring the evolution of belief and how that is transformed in the digital age. All images are digital sculptures / digital paintings, in my signature style of error as inherent truth.

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This collection is part of an ongoing investigation into the artistic possibilities of error and uncertainty, as a way of mirroring the mysterious, counter-intuitive aspects of the quantum world. It is an attempt to accept a ‘failure’ of classical exactitude in aesthetics, as a way of gaining a deeper understanding of the human perception of the world, particularly as that perception modulates in extreme contexts. Each work donates 25% to charitable causes.

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