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Mmmmultiplicityyyyy examines the evolution of the American colonial gaze and how their conceptions of Filipinos have shifted from savage - to subordinate - to friend, more than 70 years after the World's Fair in 1904. It features local practices that are influenced by more than 300 years of Spanish and American rule.

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Good-Natured Savages

In Good-Natured Savages, Patrick re-documents records from the World's Fair at St. Louis in 1904, where more than 1,100 native Filipinos were exhibited. Using archival images and text copied directly from captions, his work highlights how the Filipinos were portrayed as uncivilized and underdeveloped savages and how it contributed to perpetuating a condescending view of their culture. The title comes from the caption in one of the images: "Every day in the week is receiving day with these good-natured savages."

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