III by a\terHEN

Inviting new artists to mint NFTs, "Exhibition III" is alterHEN's new group show. Fifteen artists present their new series, including 5 for the first time in NFT.

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Katya Kanke, 2007-2022

Like all journeys and landings in a new world, the journey always goes smoothly with a friend. For this Exhibition III, the members of alterHEN welcomed their friends. This invitation to exhibit was much more than a simple invitation, it was a first step in creating NFTs, the beginning of a new adventure, a series of questions and interrogations that only a friend artist could have answered. Mixing guest artists and founding members, exhibition III presents the first NFTs by Natalianne Boucher, Ian Raposo, Lyuba Sautina and Videophonic Workshop, among the latest pieces by Eli Joteva, a collaboration by Diane Drubay and David Pettersson, Inigo Bilbao, Katya Kanke, Laurent La Torpille, Luluxxx, Patrick Tresset and Wily Guys. Art is not made to be only exhibited. It is also a bridge between people, time and spaces. The current geopolitical situation cannot leave us without reaction. We must support the people and artists in Ukraine. 100% of the sales of some NFTs will be donated to the Ukraine Emergency Response Fund (via GivingBlock)