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From milk

Maternal practice is an everyday struggle. Motherhood is the beginning where we can observe the clash of the natural and the cultural. It is both a natural function and an engineered concept that satisfies various social requirements and is filled with certain standards towards the mother and her behavior. The desire to meet the criteria of the ideal, high social expectations and discrimination are strong oppressive factors, pushing the sensory knowledge of the process into the background. All this puts women who have taken on new experiences in a position of particular fragility and vulnerability. Public breastfeeding is a very controversial topic in the practice of motherhood. Feeding a baby in a cafe , museum or any other public space is often accompanied by social judgment and accusations of shamelessness. I use breast milk as invisible ink and paint recognizable images of mothers. Thus, focusing on the duality in relation to mothers - the exaltation of the image in culture and censure in everyday life. The Source video captures the melting process of a white ice mask lying on the ground. The mask is a cast of the artist’s face and actually is a mixture of breast milk and Infant formula.

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