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Solvent Suns

The fascination we all have with the sun is mysterious and ambiguous. As the source of life on Earth, looking at it too much makes us see a new reality until everything goes dark. When it disappears everything freezes, but when it is too hot, everything melts. It uplifts us with hope and light in our darker moments. In her research into the effects of global warming on the landscapes of our future, visual artist Diane Drubay collaborated with generative art artist somaticbits to visualize how greenhouse effects might impact the sun if it was closer to us. Between a desire to be submerged by its warmth and a fear of seeing it dissolve, each of these videos is a sensory metaphor for the suns future.

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We are a nature-sensitive species. In a time of high severe weather phenomena, embracing our inner connection with the natural surroundings is essential. Through this collaboration, Diane Drubay and SOMATICBITS created a series of AI-generated photographs composed of 220 artificial weather phenomena. The pictures are being created from dozens of breathtaking seascapes captured worldwide, then transformed into thousands of pieces to synthesize artificial landscapes, and finally recomposed as a synthetic meteorological journey. This project is inspired by the daily collective attention on weather and its impact on our lives and emotions, and how certain natural environment transforms the way we feel and think. For alterHEN, they are presenting abstracts of their somatic journey through 4 videos expressing the meteorological and social turbulence of today.

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